Local SEO Services

Local SEO ServicesWe specialize in getting your business listed on the front page in the Maps section for all the major search engines, but we actually do a whole lot more than that. We brand your business all across the Internet so that whenever someone in your local area is searching online for your services, they will see YOUR BUSINESS listed in a top placement.

Our #1 goal is to get your phone ringing off the hook with new customers and this is how we accomplish that for all of our valued clients.


1. Conduct strategic keyword research to determine the most popular keyword phrases related to your specific industry, which ensures maximum exposure of your business.  We give you up to 20 keywords because obviously the more times your business shows up in search result the more people see it and give you a call. (This is probably the most important step in the process and oddly enough it’s a step most of our competitors completely skip).

2. Creation and optimization of Google Local Business Profile.

3. Creation and optimization of Yahoo Local Business Profile.

4. Creation and optimization of Bing Local Business Profile.

5. Submission of business to ALL major online directories via the major Data Providers.

6. Creation and optimization of a fully branded, nine page website that is customized for your specific business.

7. Unlimited clicks on all Internet advertisements.

8. Unlimited SEO consultation with a specialist.

9. 24/7 management of your listing to ensure a top placement.