“Premier Web Listings has been helping my company with our internet marketing campaign for months now and we definitely see an increase in phone calls since they started. We hear the same the same thing over and over when we ask our new customers how they found us, “on Google” is what most of them are telling us. I wasn’t completely sure about internet advertising for my local business but am really glad I gave Premier Web Listings a try because it’s paying off big time! I have no doubt I’ll be a client for a LONG time to come…”

Dennis Silverman, Santa Clarita CA

“I used to be really upset because when I looked for my business on Google all I ever saw were my competitors. Premier Web Listings got my business listed ABOVE all of them and it only took them a few weeks to do it. I’m actually starting to get phone calls here and there and they’re telling me they found me on Google! I have told all of my friends about them and recommended they call.”

Brad Wright, San Clemente CA

“I have nothing but good things to say about Premier Web Listings. Their staff is extremely professional and their technology is amazing because it got us on the first page within two weeks and we’re in a very competitive industry. We advertise though many avenues on the Internet and the return on investment that we’ve gotten from advertising on local maps is by far the best. We do get a few calls from people who say they found us on Yahoo or Bing but most people always say “Google”. If you’re looking for a world-class SEM Firm then Premier Web Listings is it!”

Kim Hammond, Cotati CA

“I have tried this exact same service with two other companies and gotten zero results both times. When Premier Web Listings called I told myself this was the last time I was going to try it. I am so glad I got the call from them and not some other company because the results they have provided me have been phenomenal. Then spent over a week cleaning up all the junk and mess from the other company’s mistakes and then built me a completely new profile the right way. Within about 30 days I started getting a few calls here and there and within six months I was able to cancel all my other advertising because of all the calls I was getting from Google. If you are looking to get on the front page of Google and go with someone other than Premier Web Listings you will be sorry, take it from someone whos been there”

Steve Limber, Chula Vista CA